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Wellness Core Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Wellness Core Hypoallergenic Dog Food – Know the Key Ingredients

Wellness Core Hypoallergenic Dog Food lowers the risk of disease in your pet as it’s a grain-free food that lays stress and emphasis on protein. The significance of dog foods that are traditionally grain-based lies in dealing with reduced life span and additional weight gain. When compared with the traditional grain-based foods Wellness Core Hypoallergenic Dog Food is known to contain 80% more meat and a fine combination of five different sources of animal protein. It is thus important for you to keep an eye of the quality of ingredients while selecting a pet food for your beloved pup.

Wellness Core Hypoallergenic Dog Food – The Ingredients
Wellness Core Hypoallergenic Dog Food
The Named Meats: Wellness Core’s two key ingredients are boneless chicken and turkey, but the position of these items is not quite clear within the list. The Dog food Analysis editors would stress upon the fact that the meat content in Wellness Core hypoallergenic dog food gets weighed prior to dehydration. Their weight often gets reduced by about 80% after the water gets removed. The food mainly comprises of named, whole meats which is certainly a key determinant of your dog food quality. This food also comprises of chicken.

The Meat Meals: Chicken and turkey meals are two key ingredients that contain lesser fat in comparison with lamb or beef and build more confidence when compared with the generic “poultry” meals. Presence of protein in significant amounts in chicken and turkey earns them the tag of “concentrated meats”. They contain more protein than even fresh whole meats.

The Potatoes: The food gains carbohydrates through potatoes. This allows your dog food to maintain its kibble form in the absence of conventional grains and pro-allergenic corn. Wellness Core hypoallergenic dog food becomes essential for your pets as it uses potatoes in comprising veterinary hypoallergenic diets for your pets. It helps your dog to avoid food sensitivities and allergies. Your dog will surely find a quality carbohydrate source in potatoes.

The Other Vegetables: Dogs can bear well with certain plants. Wellness Core hypoallergenic dog food supports dogs with its minerals and vitamins which come in the form of vegetables and fruits. These contain carrots, apples, blueberries, sweet potatoes, kale, spinach, parsley and broccoli. Although tomato pomace is a bit controversial, it is included. Some of us are of the opinion that tomatoes are good for dogs, while others simply avoid feeding on tomatoes and other nightshades. With this food, both bulk and fiber are being provided by the tomato pomace.

wellness core hypoallergenic dog food

Wellness Core Hypoallergenic Dog Food
The Supplements: Nutritional supplementation is also included within Wellness Core dog food. Combined support is also offered by glucosamine and chondroitin. Healthy digestion is also encouraged by additional probiotics e.g. lactobacillus.

The Fat: This food is mostly derived from canola oil. Canola oil is not comprised of fat of the highest quality owing to the high degrees of Omega-6 fatty acids that it contains. Alternatively, when you combine Omega-3 fatty acids with salmon oil, it certainly offers a much better chance.

Wellness Core Hypoallergenic Dog Food – Conclusion
The Wellness Core Hypoallergenic Dog Food line contains canned foods of two different types. This food line certainly meets AAFCO nutrient regulations for various life stages of your dog.

  • Wellness Core Chicken Liver, Turkey and Turkey Liver
  • Wellness Core Whitefish, Salmon and Herring

You must read through the reviews of Wellness Core Hypoallergenic Dog Food while looking for grain-free kibbles produced by a single company. You may also choose to go through other canned product lines, but for all cases, make sure that you go through the testimonials.

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