Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hypoallergenic Dog Collar

Hypoallergenic Dog Collar – Why?

As we continue to talk about a few other options available to us and our sensitive dogs, we must consider a hypoallergenic dog collar.  We all know that when you get a dog, you get him or her a collar, but have you really considered why?  Collars perform some very important purposes.
Hypoallergenic Dog Collar

The main one is to let others know that this not a wild dog, but that someone has laid a claim to it.  It can also hold an identification tag with his or her name, your name and a telephone number to contact in case the dog is lost.  These ID tags also can hold certain medical information.  There are also collars that are used to assist in training your dog.  Heck, there are even what are known as “flea collars” to help with pest control.

hypoallergenic dog collar

Collars are made from all kinds of material, from plastics to fabrics, cotton and nylong, and other materials that can bear a heavy load and stress.  So why then are we talking about a specific type of collar, the hypoallergenic dog collar?

The hypoallergenic dog collar first and foremost is one that is acceptable to our sensitive dog, who most likely is suffering from allergy symptoms.  Consider those flea collars you find indoor-outdoor animals wearing.  I’ve had dogs in the past that my parents would put these on, and they would literally freak out.  They smelled so strongly at first, and I’m sure it irritated their skin.

That is because pesticides are a common allergen for dogs.  A hypoallergenic dog collar doesn’t feature any of these pesticides.  It is also completely organic.  This means it’s green and eco-friendly as well, which is always a plus to consider if you can.  For example, there are some hypoallergenic dog collars out there that are made of hemp.

hypoallergenic dog collar

They are still completely stylish and adjustable.  They are still durable for sports and play.  But the best part is they are a hypoallergenic dog collar that is biodegradable, sustainable, anti-bacterial, and odor absorbent.  while doing all of this, it is completely and naturally hypoallergenic.

Hypoallergenic Dog Collar – What Else?

If you catch your dog chewing his paws, or constantly trying to scratch in his ears, think… perhaps he’s having an allergic reaction.  Are you seeing hot spots, dry spots, moist spots, or bald patches? These are dog skin allergies.
Hypoallergenic Dog Collar

Ear infections, vomiting, diarrhea, red eyes, itchy and watery eyes… these are more dog allergy symptoms.  So what can you do besides bathe him frequently with a hypoallergenic dog shampoo?  What else can you do besides giving him a hypoallergenic dog bed?  Clean your home regularly, sure, but what more?  Hopefully after reading this site you have given your dog a regular diet of hypoallergenic dog food.

Another thing you can do is give your dog a fancy, personalized, sturdy hypoallergenic dog collar.

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