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Dog Allergy Treatment

What Options Are There for Dog Allergy Treatment?

The obvious answer to dog allergies treatment is to simply remove the allergens from the environment.  My first response would be this but I would add as well that we should begin by switching our dog to a hypoallergenic dog food first to try the cheap and most obvious solution.  These offending allergens from the environment often make it into dog food in the ingredients and in the factory.
Dog Allergy Treatment

dog allergy treatment

The first step in dog allergy treatment is prevention.  If you can keep the dog allergens from being introduced into the dog’s body and immune system then you’ve won the battle right off the bat.  We are talking about feeding the dog a hypoallergenic dog food, but to mention other methods, you want to get your dog on a flea prevention in case those critters are carrying allergens to your pup.  But be careful because the medication could be an allergen to your dog too.

The dog allergy treatment could be the offender!  What a difficult problem to solve!  It takes time and care, but persist and you will help your friend’s suffering decrease.  Dust is a large allergen for dogs.  Preventing the need for a dog allergy treatment is a time and money saver.  So dust your home and especially wash your dogs bedding and blankets regularly.  Do this weekly just as a good chore anyway.  Think about rugs, curtains, and any low to the ground places your dog will be getting into.

The Easiest Dog Allergy Treatment

The absolute most critical dog allergy treatment is to bathe your dog weekly with hypoallergenic dog shampoo.  This will not only relieve some of the itching and scratching and chewing going on, but will remove the environmental allergens the dog might have gotten into such as dust, dirt, and dander.  Be careful though because frequent bathing with the wrong type of shampoo can cause dry skin and only increase some of the problems.  The absolute most easy dog allergy treatment is to switch your dog to hypoallergenic dog food.  This is the most frequently thing taken into the body and probably the culprit.  Try this first.  There are plenty of “over-the-counter” hypoallergenic dog foods as discussed on this site.  There are also prescription foods your veterinarian can prescribe.  But try the least expensive option first.

Medication as a Dog Allergy Treatment

dog allergy treatment There are medications you can purchase and feed to your dog in order to reduce the dog allergy symptoms.
 This is one of the more powerful dog allergies treatment.  This is a must sometimes because there are allergens that simply can’t be isolated and removed from the environment.  There are airborne dusts and danders, there are mites inside and out, and other allergens in plants, grass, and trees.  Antihistamines can be used, such as Benadryl, but they also have other effects on your dog such as drowsiness.

Fatty acids come in health supplements that can help your dog’s itchiness.  There are shampoos that can help as well, and skin ointments.  A last resort dog allergy treatment is cortisol shots.

Dog Allergies Treatment – The Conclusion

Althought there are many ways of treating a dog’s allergy symptoms, the quickest, easiest, and most inexpensive place to start is to switch your dog’s diet over to a hypoallergenic dog food.  If this
Dog Allergy Treatment
doesn’t solve the problem, then consider special shampoo, frequent bathing, and constant cleaning of the home and the dog’s area including his or her bedding.

Please help your dog not suffer from allergy symptoms.  Find a suitable dog allergy treatment.

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