Friday, July 29, 2016

My Parents Dogs Experiences

When I was growing up and living with my parents, we had a wonderful dog named Peanut.  She was the dog of a doctor’s family and they had sent her to obedience school.  She was the most loving and well-behaved dog ever.

Parents Dogs
They got rid of her because they had a baby and they caught the baby crawling around eating the dog food several times, so they got rid of the dog.  Maybe they should have gotten rid of the baby, but that’s neither here nor there… Anyways, that dog eventually died.

I moved out and eventually my dad bought my mom two more cockier spaniels, this time as puppies.  They are named P.J. (Peanut Junior!) and Sugar.

These little ladies are very sweet, but one of them is more submissive than the other.  She pees when a person approaches her and she hides, etc.

The most interesting thing is that P.J. bites her feet until they bleed.  She chews raw spots into her side and she has very strange moist and bald spots.

It has advanced itself to the point where her entire chest is very dry and bald like an elephant’s skin might be.

She is constantly itching.  I suggested to my mother based on my own experiences that the dog may be feeling anxious.

We tried herbal remedies for anxiety but that didn’t really help the itching problems.  So finally I said to my mother, “Maybe P.J. has dog food allergies.”

My mom procrastinated and waited around and never bought any hypoallergenic dog food.  But after we switched Gryphon over to a hypoallergenic dog food my mom finally accepted that this could be a solution and, viola!, no more itching.  Sure, it took nearly twelve weeks of isolating P.J. on hypoallergenic dog food, but it worked.

Her bald chest is slowly growing hair back and her paws aren’t nearly as swollen as they were.  She might still be getting into environmental allergens, but at least she isn’t directly consuming them any more.

This helped her tremendously!  Consider switching your dog to a hypoallergenic dog food if he or she is showing signs of dog allergies.

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